Planning Your Move

Whether you’ve moved your office before or this is your very first time, you’re probably expecting a long, tedious process. Well, fortunately, we have a lot of experience with business relocation, and we’re eager to share some tips that just might save you some work.

  • Start Early
  • Keep a Running List
  • Plan for All 3 Parts:
    1. The Physical
    2. The Information
    3. The Notifications

Continue reading and we’ll share more detail about each of these key planning areas.


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Start Early

First and foremost, we recommend starting early. So many little things come up in the moving process; if you wait until the last minute, you may get overwhelmed.

Keep a Running List

As you think of things, write them down. Keep a notepad at your desk, on your bedside table, and anywhere else that might be convenient. Jot your thoughts down so those floating to-do items don’t keep you awake at night.

Plan for All Three Parts

It’s important to realize that any move consists of three distinct parts:

  1. The Physical
    You need to plan for the transport of your physical property. This may include hiring movers and additional labor to help pack and unload. The physical planning also includes determining how your new space will be set up, what new equipment may be needed, and the scheduling.
  2. The Information
    You also need to have a plan for updating your business information online. Your new address should appear on your company website, as well as the various online directories in which you are listed. Some of the most popular directories for business listings are:
  3. The Notifications
    Finally, you need a plan to ensure everyone with whom you do business is notified of your new address. This includes clients, vendors, and other associates. You may want to consider doing a mailing or a short postcard to update them. The Wall Street Rolodex can help you find a Copywriter, Graphic Designer, and other specialists to assist you.

We’ve outlined specific action steps for all three parts of your move in our Business Relocation Checklist. Check it out here >>

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