Tips for Getting a Commercial Real Estate Loan

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Here at Wall Street Conyers, we’ve teamed up with Signature Bank of Georgia, a preferred lender for the Small Business Administration, to help you obtain the resources necessary to grow your business. In some cases, that might mean purchasing your office space.

According to C-loans.com, there are several things to keep in mind when you’re looking for commercial real estate financing. Here’s an overview of some of the more important tips:

  • It may take longer than you think, so be sure to apply for your loan early.
  • Commercial lenders must order the appraisal for themselves. Due to legal restrictions, the lender probably won’t be able to accept an outside appraisal.
  • Many con men masquerade as direct commercial lenders just to collect a hefty application fee. Don’t be fooled! Stick with our verified lender at Signature Bank, Charles Hoag.
  • Local lenders typically offer better deals.
  • Match the size of your lender to the size of your bank. (Large commercial loan requests should go to large banks; small commercial loan requests should go to smaller banks.)

To learn more about the commercial real estate lending process, contact Charles Hoag at Signature Bank GA via email at choag@signaturebankga.com or call 678.557.2687.

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